American Friends matches the Prado in San Leocadio acquisition

Thanks to the generous support of our members and donors, American Friends contributed 300,000 euros in 2023 to match the Prado's funding for the acquisition of The Agony in the Garden (1490-1500), one of the best works by Paolo de San Leocadio. 

An Italian master active in early Renaissance Spain for many years, San Leocadio arrived in Valencia in the late 1470s under the patronage of Cardinal Rodrigo de Borja, future Pope Alexander VI.

He was influential in bringing the Italian quattrocento to Valencia and bridges the last of Gothic International with the Renaissance. 
This monumental version of The Agony in the Garden incorporates influences from Andrea Mantegna in its triangular composition and from Giovanni Bellini in its enameled and shiny colors to the artist's personal style and adaptation to the tastes in Spain. 

American Friends is delighted to help expand the Museo del Prado's early Renaissance collection with this excellent work, marking the 5th work of art we've helped bring to the Prado in our first decade. 

We are very grateful for all of the generous support given to American Friends of the Prado Museum. Thank you.